Plan Management

We exist to help the disabled in planning their activities both in decision making, financial management and otherwise. The disabled are usually demoralized and depressed; hence, they require full assistance in making things different. That’s why we exist; we are always disposed to assist you.

Getting a plan manager for yourself always give you the opportunity to live the life you want. The plan management service can help you manage your funds as well improve your productivity. We can assign you a financial intermediary i.e. an accountant or a bookkeeper.

With our esteemed plan management service, your disability wouldn’t be a burden rather a normal way of living. A plan manager performs a middleman function by receiving invoices directly from the provider, through participant, claiming from corporate bodies, paying invoices and provides statements to participants at intervals. They also avail the summary of all expenditures, breakdown of budgets total remaining of all costs.

We support the disabled to exercise choice in several of ways, such as making a plan request at will. We uphold the point that people with disability have the same right as other citizens. We simply undertake the management of funds of the supports in a participant’s plan.