Home Modification

It is almost difficult for you to get in and out or around your home because of disability, and life seems a little harsh for you while you try to cope with daily tasks at home. Possibly your home needs modification to improve accessibility and safety as well make life easier for you.

We improve your quality of life and existence in every ramification, including a perfect home modification to avoid injuries and random accident. From the house entrance, we make the necessary adjustment to suit your movement and activities depending on the nature and severity of your impairment.

Those whose disability is challenged continuously to function more independently at home are our target. We are concerned about people who have coordination problem and inability to maintain balance. Wheelchair entry ways, raised room floors and carpeting. Wheel chair entry ways are true detriment to good self-living.

In the bathroom, dangerous situations may come up as a result of floor patterns. We aid the situation through the development of non-slippery floors and creation of enough space for comfortable bathroom movement.

We proffer entrance solutions, kitchen solutions, interior solutions, bathroom solutions, remodeling houses without steps and more.