Specialised Disability Accommodation

We are professionals in putting up strong assistance through our provision of comfortable homes for people with high and complex support and housing needs. We manage homes for the disabled as well render full support on accommodation requirement and to provide you with a safe space to live, for as long as you need.

Our Specialized Disability Accommodation service maintains your home in a reasonable state of repair and responds promptly to every request for maintenance, protect your privacy and confidential information and taking every possible step to ensure you have quiet enjoyment of your room.

We carefully listen to your needs and provide you with every support to solve your accommodation problem. We go extra miles in creating that comfort to make you feel at home. SDA service is meant for participants with extreme impairment and those in very high need of unique housing solutions. Proper assistance is given to people with extreme impairment who can barely help themselves.

Where would you rather get the best and specialized disability accommodation with full support other than Ultimate Disability Services?

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