Assisting Travel & Transport

This seems to be the most difficult of all support categories, yet we make things quite easy for participants with severe impairment. For the non-disabled, jumping into a public transport system has been a significant threat, talk more of disabled.

That’s why we are out to render every bit of assistance to disabled, ensuring that they travel around the world with ease and getting the best tour experience ever. It is well established that people with impairment travel less due to the difficulties attached to it. Hence they make series of plans and aim to achieve a lot in one trip.

All you need is to get in touch with Ultimate Disability Services and get every of your travel issues settled.

We stand in for you from start to finish, through the provision of travel ticket and cards, seat booking and conveniently accompanying to the right place for travel departure. Pre-boarding for all disability passengers are not out of it. Ultimate Disability Services offers excellent assistance on buses and coaches and at stations/terminals. Assisting travel for disabled is our target.

We at Ultimate Disability Services are bent on helping you enjoy every moment!